Jumaat, 28 Ogos 2015

What your daughters should know by the time they're 10

Active listening

To communicate effectively, listening actively is more important than just speaking randomly. Teach her how to be patient and calm. Try short period of yoga to compose the body and mind, which will help her to keep calm and concentrate.

 How money works

Generally, many people think children should be kept away from all kinds of money matters. However, on the contrary, discussing the household budget and expenses will gradually help your daughter understand financial planning for herself.

To defend herself

For every girl, safety is always a concern. She should be able to distinguish between appropriate or inappropriate touch, behavior or action. Make your daughter aware of some basic self-defense moves without scaring her and making her think the world is a bad place to live.


Your daughter doesn’t need to be spoon-fed all her life. Let her do some household chores and free her from being dependent on you. It will make her confident enough to confront regular issues in her life with ease. 

To make healthy food choices 

At young age, they don’t know what is best for their body, mind and spirit. Therefore explain to them little things like how carrots are good for their eyes and how milk will keep bones strong. Sooner or later, they will be drawn to healthier food choices.


An aspect of life that every individual should know is to respect yourself. A girl’s self-image is developed at home while watching her father’s behavior toward her mother. A father needs to be a good role model for his daughter for her to realize who she really is.

There is no failure

Being a kid, your princess goes through a learning stage every day and may be disappointed by small failures. Clarify to them how small mistakes are part of everyone’s life by talking about your mistakes and experiences.

To share

Sharing is one of the most important social skills for your daughter to learn. It will help her make friends and develop bonds with people around her. Set an example for her and encourage her to share small things early on like cookies, toys or chocolates.

Responsibility for their actions

According to psychologist Kate Roberts, "Kids this age don't understand that everybody makes mistakes. Blaming somebody is simply their way to avoid disapproval and negative consequences." Therefore, eliminate her fear of consequences and help her build a character people can trust.

To create

Encourage your daughter to use her imagination and problem-solving skills by frequently employing the phrases, "I wonder..." and "Let's see what happens if..."

Time management

It is not just school activities and homework that need to be part of their daily routine. Once you know what interests your daughter, help her to invest more in her hobbies as well. Eventually she will develop the habit to devote time appropriately.

How to communicate

No matter what career she picks in the future, she will benefit from good communication skills. Let her observe how you speak while you call customer service, visit a doctor or talk to a waiter in a restaurant, and she will learn from you.


Who could be better than parents to set an example for a girl? Set examples for her with your self-restraint. Also, don't just use punishments to make her disciplined, but also appreciate her best behavior. Reward her for her good work and make rules clear.

To play

Encourage her to play all sorts of sports and not just video games on your tablet. Active play will help her to be more creative, to solve problems and to develop good social skills.

Know their bodies

Women who are objectified in the media can create certain stereotypes in your daughter’s mind about a perfect body. Explain to her how everyone is different and no one can decide for her what is a perfect body. Try to limit her exposure to these kinds of advertisements, shows and movies.

Respect others

It is something she will learn with time and experience. As parents, be careful not to make racist remarks. Also, your daughter's exposure to people of different ethnicities, countries and class will help her develop open mindedness toward others.

To appreciate compliments

She will receive complements all her life, and there is an art to appreciate complements respectfully. Girls deny or ignore compliments from others for several reasons, so teach her to receive complements as gifts and tell her that she deserves them.

They are loved

Let your daughter know she is unconditionally loved and that she can always talk to you. Ask her about her day, make sure she knows about bullying and that she can opt not to be a victim.