Isnin, 30 Mac 2015

10 things you’ll only discover being a parent

1 Nothing's more precious than sleep
Put it this way: there's a reason sleep deprivation is banned under the Geneva Convention. Grab a nap when you can: babies that sleep through the night in the first few months are very, very rare.
2 The honeymoon's over
If you find yourself whispering softly in someone's ear at night, you're probably not sharing your latest carnal fantasy. Nope, much more likely to be a soothing chapter from Winnie-the-Pooh.
3 Save, save, save
Hospitals, immunisations, diapers, food, clothes, strollers... the list goes on. And on. Time to rearrange those financial priorities, guys.
4 Multi-tasking ninja
Multitasking is not catching up with your email while you're on a conference call. Multitasking is preparing a bottle while doing the laundry, singing a lullaby and changing a diaper. And trying not to fall asleep in the process, obviously.  
5 Going out will never be the same
Last-minute holiday? Midnight movie? Impromptu drinks with friends? You wish. And as for that new restaurant you want to go to... try to be satisfied with reading the review.

6 Family comes first, always
If you're the life and soul of the office party or the go-to person for an emergency meeting, prepare to surrender your title. Well, you want to get home in time to kiss the kids goodnight, don't you?
7 New-found love for your parents
One of the hardest things we can do is admit we're wrong. In fact, the only thing harder is admitting our parents were right. You'll appreciate them in an entirely new way. And do make sure you tell them: babysitting doesn't come cheap, after all.
8 There’s nothing called embarrassment
You may initially be embarrassed about singing, making silly faces or dealing with your child's bodily functions in public. Trust us: it'll pass.
9 Rediscovering your childhood
Watching them learn is like learning it yourself, all over again. Remember the last time you were amazed by the simple things, like snow or a rainbow? Get ready to relive it all. 
 10 Master of scheduling
You'll soon realise that the only way to get on top of all this is to plan, plan and plan again. A friend wants to meet for coffee? Sure, you can fit her in for ten minutes between the snack and the midday nap.